Project Update

A 1930s sketch map by Moss Twomey of the 4th Battalion Area in the Military Archives Pension Files (Military Archives)

We recently completed our first workshop for those interested in volunteering to assist with the Landscapes of Revolution survey. On Saturday, December 17, 14 people joined us at the Midleton Public Library where we discussed a variety of topics from the project’s importance to the need for proper citation for locations. In addition, we discussed a number of websites indispensable for researching the War of Independence. These include census records, newspaper archives, mapping sites, and eyewitness statements collected by the British in the 1940s and 1950s.

The second part of the workshop centered on a discussion of the Midleton Ambush and a walking tour of the Ambush sites guided by Damian Shiels. It was during this section that the idea of community engagement and volunteerism bore its first fruits and validation as workshop members shared some valuable information that significantly increased our understanding of the ambush and added to the number of sites in Midleton with verified ambush associations.

This workshop was a success, and Damian and I would like to thank those who participated. This project would not be possible without the input of the greater community. We will soon be scheduling workshops in other areas of east Co. Cork. If you would like more information about the project, or would like to volunteer to help us, please email us at

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