I have authored or co-authored a number of books relating to Irish history and archaeology. In addition I have written numerous other book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and essays and articles. You can explore some of these publications below. Any of the books can be either read or purchased by clicking on the relevant image.




‘The Battle for Cork: Landscapes of Counter-Memory’ (with Professor Joanna Brück)

in D. Gannon & F. McGarry (eds.) Ireland 1922: Independence, Partition, Civil War, Royal Irish Academy, 2022

‘None of her Children ever Lived: Stories of Birth and Loss from Irish Pensioners of the American Civil War’

in S Ryan (ed.) Birth and the Irish: A Miscellany, Wordwell, 2022

‘Picking up the Pieces: The Archaeological Survey of Vinegar Hill’ (with Dr. James Bonsall)

in R O’Flaherty & J Hynes (eds.) Vinegar Hill: The Last Stand of the Wexford Rebels of 1798, Four Courts Press, 2021

‘A Medieval Stud Farm? Economy and Subsistence at Mullamast’ (with Teresa Bolger, Abby Mynett, Claudia Tommasino Suárez and Dr. Scott Timpany)

in T Bolger (ed.) Colonising a Royal Landscape: The History and Archaeology of a Medieval Village at Mullamast, Co. Kildare, Wordwell, 2017

‘Widows and Dependent Parents American Civil War Pension Files: A New Source for the Irish Emigrant Experience’

in C Reilly (ed.) The Famine Irish: Emigration and the Great Hunger, The History Press Ireland, 2016

‘Place versus Memory: Forgetting Ireland’s Sites of Independence?’

in L Godson & J Brück (eds.) Making 1916: The Material and Visual Culture of the Easter Rising, Liverpool University Press, 2015

The Long Arm of War: Exploring the Nineteenth Century Ulster Emigrant Experience through American Civil War Pension Files’

in P Fitzgerald, C Kinealy & G Moran (eds.) Irish Hunger & Emigration: Myth, Memory and Memorialization, Quinnipiac University Press, 2015

‘Continuity and Change in the Medieval and Post Medieval Landscape’

in T Bolger T, D Shiels & C Moloney (eds.) A Journey Along the ‘Carlow Corridor’: The Archaeology of the M9 Carlow Bypass, Wordwell, 2015

‘Reconstructing Battlefield Landscapes’

in T Barry & V McAlister (eds.) Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland, Four Courts Press, 2015

‘Witnesses to History: A Military Assemblage from the 1691 Aughrim Battlefield’

in B Kelly, N Roycroft & M Stanley (eds.) Fragments of Lives Past: Archaeological Objects from Irish Road Schemes, Wordwell, 2014

‘The Military Finds’

in C Manning (ed.) Clogh Oughter Castle, Co. Cavan: Archaeology, History and Architecture, Government Stationery Office, 2013

Excavations at Carrickmines Castle, Carrickmines Great’, ‘The History of the 1642 Siege of Carrickmines Castle’ and ‘The Archaeology of the 1642 Siege of Carrickmines Castle’ (with Dr. Mark Clinton and Dr. Linda Fibiger) 

in C Corlett (ed.) Unearthing the Archaeology of Dún Laoghaire- Rathdown, Wordwell, 2013

‘The Carrickmines Mass Grave and the Siege of 1642’ (with Dr. Mark Clinton and Dr. Linda Fibiger)

in D Edwards, P Lenihan & C Tait (eds.) Age of Atrocity: Violent Death & Political Conflict in Ireland 1547-1650, Four Courts Press, 2007

‘Fort and Field: The Potential for Battlefield Archaeology in Kinsale’

in H Morgan (ed.) The Battle of Kinsale, Wordwell, 2004


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Shiels D 2007 ‘Battle and Siege Maps of Elizabethan Ireland: Blueprints for Archaeologists?’ in Journal of Conflict Archaeology Volume 3.

Shiels D 2007 ‘The Potential for Conflict Archaeology in the Republic of Ireland’ in Journal of Conflict Archaeology Volume 2.


Shiels D 2022 ‘The Hegartys of Creboy: Revealing the Life of a West Cork Family through Death in the American Civil War’ in Ardfield/Rathbarry Journal, 2022.

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